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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  September 7, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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were going to go live there close call for some homes next to 1 01 series here is this seen on 1 01 south bundy. this is for 30 this morning you can see the fire breaking out there on the hillside right next to the freeway. with this brush fire up higher power pull could be to blame. jackie has been live on the scene. >> the fire crews have left the scene there were some scary moments for the firefighters also the residence. this is this enough for 20 this morning there was a small fire by the time
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made a u-turn this is what it turned into. it started to creep up the help of a lot of dry tender. right above the fleeing 100 yds there isour houses. they were able to attack it from 1 01 it is right off of 1 01. they were able to a tactic from the bottom of the help and also able to attack it from above there is a small road or those houses are. the concern was the wind was blowing slightly and the dry embers were blowing all over. it wanted to make sure any of those embers did not reignite the fire. in the last five minutes or so pg&e crews were out here investigating the polls. fire
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crews have left the scene out here on 1 01. there is still above the whole side i think making sure this doesn't reignite. >> 6:05 a.m. developing story were falling this morning the coast guard is searching for a woman who placed in emergency distress call on a boat instead francisco bay. the mayday call was made off the coast of quiberon. will tran is on the phone now. >> the coast guard's search all night they have called off the search what they're trying to do in about 40 minutes from now they will take off from sfo and doing aerial search. she made the call on the in turn nation international healing and distress frequency. it is monitored by the coast guard twenty-four's a day year-round. she was saying listen to me,
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listen to me, after that they lost contact with her. they quickly launched the boats into the water as well as ask private boaters to help out with the search. they did not find her all night. they are afraid she may be addressed at see perhaps in the water and not on the water. if she is in the water it does not look good because according to coast guard the waters of san francisco bay is very cold year round. hypothermia may have said in already. it will continue the shirt in about 45 minutes from now. >> did she say anything else about what was wrong? >> no she said listen to me, listen to me and then there was a pause. and then she said hello. and then 10 for i have a mayday. then they lost contact with their peer they
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immediately hailed back on all frequencies hoping she would respond but that was not the case and that's when they called other boaters in the area to pinpoint the location where she may make the phone call. nobody including the coast guard provider. they will do by air today and hopefully see her on the water and not in the water. >> please keep us posted. >> other stories a man accused of shooting todd young is going to be arraigned today 20 year- old andrew facing charges for allegedly shooting officer young in oakland when he tried to rest him during a war upsweep. the suspected gang matt burr charge with 10 felonies. he faces life in prison if convicted. police officers association holding a blood drive in honor of
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watching wall street today a lower opening today. dow off more than 50.3 now in pre-market trading. very little in the way of economic data. it prepares for policy-setting session this month jobless claims coming out thursday with figures. on friday wholesale inventory will be reported. opening numbers in 18 minutes. president barack obama will call for new tax breaks to allow businesses to write off 100 percent of the new capital investments through next year. the latest plan would save two under billion dollars in taxes over two years alone companies
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tap more cash on hand. the latest in a package of economic proposals the president is announcing in hopes of jump starting >>oracle corp has hired mark hurd, the former chief executive of hewlett-packard co who resigned amid a hurd, a close friend of oracle ceo larry ellison will replace charles phillips, who has resigned. mr. hurd resigned from hp on august 6, after a probe into sexual harassment allegations. 613 right now we will be back with more of a couple of minutes. cool temperatures settle in today we start our cool down. a lot lot shot of san francisco clouds are back but we have sunshine as well.
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combat here's a shot of san jose clear shot not dealing with any fog showed. we are saying coastal fog starting to see its way and currently greater rows 64 san jose 71 by about noontime high-temperature only about 75 degrees today in san jose backdown upper 60s by 8:00 hour feared their current temperatures still in the '50s. of course it is rude oakland and hayward 50 surf fairfield and antioch 60 degrees in san jose 59 for free matzo about 10:00 slowed to one today '60s we may see some '70s not getting much warmer than that by noontime. highs today topping out in the 60s along the peninsula and the coast into the afternoon and by about 3:00 p.m. if you ladies out there and then present also
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in line spots back down to the '60s by the 7:00 are steered their temperatures for you getting that 80 degrees since then rose at 81 and served chilled down 3 san rafael mill valley temperatures low '70s along the peninsula keeping in the '60s very cold weather for san francisco 62 is down a san mateo 72 for redwood city. it's big keeping it cool in berkeley 6370 through union city and hayward city. san ramon valley not getting more than the upper seventies may be 81 in antioch, south bay keeping it in the '70s or across the board. upper '70s los gatos. tomorrow even cooler day in fact warm and 1 spots barely getting to 70. stay in the '60s around the bay and '60s around the coast check gone traffic with george. >> yesterday's drive didn't see
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one single hot spot already this morning we are tracking our first 580 yen to 05. let's talk about the livermore dry it out of trees secured by it has backed up traffic slowed traffic pass that through the altamont pass for the rest of the west bound commuter and livermore that's not the end of the slow traffic its backing up from livermore avenue heading out toward 680 were there is a minor accident reported no lanes have been blocked but it has an impact on the 580 ride our first hot spot of the morning. interstate 80 through albany we will show you the commute through the as kerrville a good ride expect this committee to get slow this morning to because we have seen the return to normal traffic which means have been slow going for a hercules to berkeley. checking the bay bridge and the westbound commute to the toll plaza on the green
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lights have already been activated at least it appears that way in the westbound direction already starting to see some cars backing up on the right side expect there will be delays for the west bound bridge this morning. >> 619 petaluma careers are going to begin sell the image and a tugboat that has released hundreds of gallons of oil in the petaluma river. the boat leak anywhere from 200-600 gal. of in june while. it doesn't appear to be threatening wildlife right now. it spread from about 2 mi. from downtown palo mud to highway 1 01 they're trying to investigate the cause of this bill today and decide whether charges are warranted. >> they're trying to figure the shot and killed a man. they found the body last night on gateway boulevard there are at the hotel sunday night to break
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up a pool party well there at the scene they heard gunshots but couldn't find business. they believe the victim may have been shot at the party police say there are 3-400 people at the hotel pool party they are trying to determine if the hotel had proper permits. >> thursday's plane crashes killed three people we are now being told its third victim has been identified 73 year-old william he was the actual pilot of the plane went down after takeoff 92 year-old robert bormann the owner borman steal also was killed along with his girlfriend. >> world as we are following the ball up the volcano in indigene indonesia has sounded often compared it's the most powerful eruptions is coming back to life
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last week. it erupted this morning to a village some villages of magma for the first time. >> dozens of people have been killed in guatemala by mudslides searchers are still pulling bodies from a mud covered highway where there were back- to-back landslides here is a scene where buses and cars were buried when the hillside gave way a national emergency has been declared the death toll is expected rise thousands of homes and had been have been damaged. >> all strata of flooding australia. some have been slowed to get out authorities are afraid some residents are going to be trapped if they refuse to leave homes there has been a lot of damage to homes and roads. >> 6:22 a.m. will be back with more. a peek at the creek we can't see too much but traffic
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looks pretty light we are in for cool down all across the bay to.
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announcer ] we know jerry brown was mayor of oakland, but what were the results? fact: brown promised to improve schools. but the drop out rate increased 50%, and the state had to take over the schools. fact: the city controller found employees paid for 22,000 hours... they never worked. fact: brown promised to cut crime. but murders doubled, making oakland the 4th most dangerous city in america. jerry brown. he just can't deliver the results california needs now.
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her main it losing its punch pushing north rain near the texas mexico border it caused landslides in mexico. and leaving one town without power this is video this morning mcallen's texas. the same area out was battered earlier this summer with hurricane alex. her main moves inland expected to be a tropical depression this morning. firing colorado dozens of homes destroyed in the foothills this fire broke out yesterday morning northwest of boulder rapidly spreading 3,500 a. have been burned thousand homes have been evacuated.
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>> the it just blew flight attendant that cursed out the passengers is due in court today there he is said to appear for hearings on the charges he faces witches are criminal mischief reckitt bliss endangerment and trespassing after last month's meltdown on that flight. the jets blew folly. the passengers lack of stability prompted his behavior. he is looking for to his day in court. he left jet blew last week. they are debating whether infants and toddlers should be allowed to travel on the left of adults when taking a plane. they require and children under age 2 to be in a separate seat coronet child restraint this comes after 10 seater plane crashed in small montana killing all 14
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including seven children. faa says it will look at the new recommendation. >> will be right back as the news continues. thousand people a day switching to chevrolet? room for eight and all sorts of space behind the third row. they just thought of everything. it just feels like a really solid car. that should come in handy. it's the chevrolet summer event and anyone can get the traverse they want. nah-uh... this one's mine. get 0% apr for 60 months on the 2010 traverse
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assistant 629 her live pictures of their use the everybody applauding stock futures turned south. fee and an the dow trading others live shots appeared out of the gay-this morning doubt down nasdaq down. as send s&p down as well. short trading week below economic data the federal reserve will release their report tomorrow and jobless claims about thursday. as for local tech news the only interesting thing of note oracle
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gained 6% in pre market trading after they said they were hiring former h-p. we will come back as the markers markets to vote. >> our life amount can camp the clouds have return beautiful sunrise just up and be as warm today. >> huge drop in temperatures today still seeing some coastal fog starting to return not affecting visibility this morning however is in francisco it will be chilly day currently 54 degrees by noontime upper 50s year high today not getting out of the low 60s and say francisco topping out at 62 back down to 58 by 8:00 hour. temperatures will be plummeting elsewhere as well as a drop of 22 degrees in san francisco 19 degrees cooler
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the emirate were yesterday in san rafael oakland down and mountain view 20 degrees cooler in redwood city and hayward. today right across the board you can see how much cooler will be. by 10:00 a.m. slow to warm out their 60s babies and '70s by '60s and '70s as well as an you're afternoon highs today not getting out of the '60s along the coastline and peninsula bringing some '70s and some eighties into places like santa rosa and inland spots as well: in off by 7:00 p.m. back down until the '60s. your temp schurz getting up to about 80 in santa rosa down and 3 san rafael mill valley temperatures low '70s the peninsula will fill a real cool down into the '60s. some details about 68. your 7 day around the bay showing of cooler day on tap for tomorrow may be
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some drizzle produced from from fog. cool and foggy for the week. >> tracking the hotspot looks slow traffic for interstate 580 in the westbound direction even 4205 coming out of tracy now there was an accident at grant line in the westbound direction that started the bad things of that by we are still slow. almost from macarthur on tool 5 in the westbound direction and then as you move through the altamont pass it will be heavy traffic reagan to livermore sadly because of earlier problems in dublin it is heavy from livermore continuing out to the dublin interchange even dublin great traffic is slow. heading towards castro valley heavy traffic towards to 38 not the entire stretch but at least toward even canyon road. highway 4 is low through anti up towards pittsburgh nothing unusual for
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this ride in the westbound direction. here's a bridge check bay bridge has already backed up westbound traffic slows from the mid lot except for slap bass track where it slows from the end of lot. san mateo bridge ride no problems here but it's already low heavy on the approach not at 92 but coming over past. the golden gate bridge still pretty smooth in fact the entire marine to remit has not begun to slow down their whirling closures for the fire trucks that are standing by at sir francis boulevard scene of an early morning crossfire they did have the right lane closed for a while but no morning closures there now no back up pass the city. >> the fifth day investigators will be searching a landfill for any signs of a missing hercules man crews are scheduled to be back there at 8:00 a.m. frederick sales has been missing
6:35 am
since the body of his mother bothered.father was found. efren valdemoro may be responsible for five murders he was killed by chp officers following a high- speed chase last week investigators said the landfill say they will continue to surge. >> they are determined to get the very last piece of debris they will keep with it until they are done. this group of debris is picked up by the excavator is scooped up placed in a cleaner location were volunteers go through a piece by piece. >> we have more affirmation on kron 4 is web site. >> 6:35 a.m. developing story the coast guard is searching for a woman who placed an emergency distress call while she was on a boat in san francisco bay it was a mayday call. she was off the
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coast of >> the coast guard will surge this morning using helicopters and other boats. she made the distress call on emergency frequency that is monitored by the coast guard 24 hours a day. according to the coast guard she said listen to me, listen to me follow by a pause and then she said hello followed by another pause then10-4 i have a may day. they tried to call her back been no response. if she's in the water not on water is not good news for her. the water's increases the bay is very cold there year round and it doesn't take long for hypothermia at this end. reporting from to run will tran kron 4 news. >> complaints about this mark meters people complaining about erratic behavior with their
6:37 am
electronic gadgets the problem reportedly happens when the smart meter is transmitting information to the utility according to newspaper people report static with the cordless phones the crib monitors as well as wireless headsets other complaints have been reported with security systems and raunch door openers pg&e has not responded. >> dozens of children are getting kicked out of over unrolled elementary schools in the bottle. two weeks after the first day of school as many as 40 children at novato schools were told on friday they have to go to a different school. they say they were betting some of the aunt's rolled students were not shoppers school so they overbooked the school it was to ensure there would be 20 students in each class. 20 students are the threshold for the massive maximum state funding in each of the contract
6:38 am
for a student teacher ratios. and of these bay the closure of three schools for richmond city council will vote on whether to give the west unified school district $1.5 million which would allow the cash strapped district to keep open kennedy high school and grant elementary if the funds are not approved the schools will close to the end of the school year. about 900 students would be forced to go to other schools in the area. >> will be right back as the news continues. a live look from san mateo bridge fog back into the picture as temperatures san mateo bridge fog back into the picture as temperatures cooled down. mercury moment happend right after our wedding, when i realized that along with all the gifts that i'd be getting san mateo bridge fog back into the picture as temperatures cooled down. a lot my husband's old stuff. fortunately, i got his mercury insurance too.
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studied in the eighth debt eight deaths in hoping cough say doctors were slow to diagnose the disease in infants. they were treated for nasal infection are respiratory infection and it was too late by the time of the cop was diagnosed. they are urging people to expect that diagnosis. >> still resist those unveiling $150 million proposal for water recycling project near ocean beach. it would filter and disinfect $2 million and dallas of so our aunt water. biggest serve to flush toilets. >> if you enjoyed yesterday in the heat its over back to work
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and back to the cool temperatures today. i he's the san francisco and the james lick traffic is moving at the limit.
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a recap on top stories the oil spill in petaluma a tugboat being disassembled spills oil in the river. and the man accused of shooting fremont police officer will be arraigned today. he is facing charges of shooting officer young in oakland. day five of the search in a landfill for frederick's sales of this murder suspect. watching wall st. james fletcher appeared >> the dow is trending south 34 points down this morning the other industries following suit s&p down five nasdaq down 3.2
6:47 am
not a lot of economic data get out today to do the market's one where another the wall street following the lead of overseas markets. trading down in the overnight hours following that trend we will see if anything changes through the trading day and a first day of trading. >> almost on cue just past labor day weekend wear white anymore and we don't feel like it because it's chillier now. >> >> we have a mike problem appeared we still have a mike problem you can show me >> meant sam shot it looks strongest foreign the temperatures are going to start school down starting to see some coastal fog rebuild you'll notice it on the golden gate bridge. foggy and cool week ahead. here's a look in your car
6:48 am
tempters 54 for san francisco 60 in through oakland upper 50s for hayward fremont down to san jose since the 60 degree readings into concord fairfield antioch as well stick bit relieved war slowed for today temperatures in the '60s he may be some '70s warming up by noon seeing the same mixtures of '60s and '70s your afternoon highs topping out in the '70s keeping in and the '60s along the coastline and happen to the north bay you might see some major users and rose up. by 7:00 p.m.: the back down into the '60s. year after in high as 80 santa rosa, sonoma 79, fairfield 81, san rafael mill valley temperatures low '70s the peninsula will feel the cool down 60 is not just around the coast but in san francisco as well. low 60s rate for
6:49 am
berkeley, 70 degree temperatures through hayward and castro valley, '70s across the board through inland spot san ramon valley 76 degrees 81 a warm spot today. dear 7 day around bay shows that a cooling trend continuing into tomorrow tanagers plummet tomorrow we go at 20 degree dropping temperatures today you more tomorrow temperatures struggling to get out of the low '70's. >> earlier occuring problems has turned 580 already into a lot spot. westbound ride not only slowed through altamont but also through trees with the back up all the way to macarthur in the westbound direction heavy traffic through altamont through livermore to a trend continuing out to the it is already backstops past cultural, the
6:50 am
rest of the westbound right over the dublin great looks heavy as well for your trip towards castro valley. that is improving ever so slightly. the bay bridge not improving the getting worse as a backup spreads across more of the lanes 880 is still the best approach. i'm surprised it has not grown back to they 880 interchange. it is slow towards the last over crossing. the upper deck has been in some every no problems. san jose traffic northbound the german delays for the bayshore freeway but the guadalupe parkway on ram through 1 01 north good thing meter lights are there keep traffic on the bayshore moving smoothly. caring county despite early morning problems with the fire on the
6:51 am
shoulder of 1 01 south near sir francis all lanes are open to fire crew standing by on the shoulder no delays there or through their rest of the marin county ride. >> 650 rain now check out their rushing water. had to be rescued from napa river this is the rescue underway the 19 year-old was in the river when the current swept him away he ended up getting stuck on a rock called at of danger. he was rescued by a helicopter. he is happy. >> spider then is under rest cure is video of the end good when making the climb yesterday evening he scaled 60 stories. he
6:52 am
says he made the climb to show what cancer survivors can do and bring awareness to size guys quickness scallops creepers terrorist attacks. >> we didn't know he wanted to harm himself he's been charged with trespassing in creating a public nuisance. >> he just released his memoir earlier this year. >> back with more a couple of minutes alive lot from of canad
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watching the weather forecast a cool down kicks in today in chile to more with the warmest i only near 70 degrees temperatures rebound back up towards the weekend. >> did you remember to charges of your phone gabe's lake tells about a new charter that may be better for the environment in your wallet.
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>>we are all in a hurry these days,no time for anything. i think a lot of us without even thinking just leave our wall chargers plugged into our electrical outlets and then before we go to bed or at night you will plug in your cell phone or gadget but these are left here all day. i know i do it, but just in cause you don't know it is bad for energy consumption. the charger is sitting there all day without a device plugged into it, it is still drawing power. now that wasted power probably only adds up to be a few cents on your monthly pg&e bill, not a big deal. but if you think about all of the cell phones in the world, that little bit of energy wasting during the day while these sit here that really adds up. at&t crunch some numbers and check this out they say when you add up all of the energy wasted by people leaving in their wall chargers plugged in while they are not in use is a lot of power. enough energy to power 24,000 homes for a day or with the wasted energy could brew 3 million cups of coffee. so, at&t decided to do something about it, they have come up with
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the zero charger is on the market now the zero charger is simple but brilliant. when you unplug your device from the zero charger it stops drawing power from your outlet. it completely cuts off its power draw. so you can save energy, save money, save the environment, leave this charger in all day while gone and feel no guilt.the zero charger is the same price as a regular cell phone charger around $20. it works with at&t phones, i phones, ipod, digital cameras, smart phones, a lot of digital devices. gabe slate, kron4 news. if >> will be back as kron 4 news continues here at a big back up already for 7:00 a.m. whether traffic coming up.
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coming up on 7:00 top stories we're following cleanup efforts continued for
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